Blog Designer – WordPress Blog Design Plugin

Blog Designer is a unique WordPress plugin to manage and design your blog page. It allows you to modify your blog page layout and design as per your choice. It comes with 10 attractive blog templates. This plugin is 100% compatible with the most popular WordPress themes and page builders.

Blog Designer Lite
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Last Updated

5th April 2023



Key Features covered to grow your business

Fully Responsive

Blog Designer templates are fully design and compatible with any devices to represent your beautiful blog page.


Cross Browser Support

Blog Templates are fully compatible with popular web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.


Social Share Buttons

Square/Circle social share buttons integration allow to share your posts on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.


Manage Posts per Page

Manage number of posts per single page for your blog using user friendly simple interface.


Show/Hide Feature

Show/Hide your post category, tags, author, comment count of your posts according to your design.


Multiple Post Category Selection

Select multiple post category to show category wise posts.

Multilingual Translation Ready

Plugin can be used in any languages due to its multilingual feature.


Alternative Background Color

Select alternative background color for posts which allows you to show alternative background of post.


Post Content Length

Maintain post content length as summary text or show full description on blog page with posts.

Video Tutorial

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Design Your Blog with Stunning Styles Anywhere

We always stick with one single blog layout for our website and sometimes we may get limited blog options as per theme options, but it requires too much efforts to change blog layout without modifying code and css files. Blog Designer plugin gives you flexibility to design and manage your blog page with minimal efforts. No coding skills required!!
Yes, it you can give WOW factor to your WordPress blog page. Changing a blog style is very easy now, you can do it anywhere-anytime with Blog Designer WordPress plugin.

Customize Your Blog Easily

10 blog Templates

Plugin bundles precisely designed 10 blog templates for various category like full blog listing, magazine style, timeline view, etc.

30+ Setting Options

Large collection of option set to showcase your blog page in awesome style and make your blog page beautiful in no time.

Shortcodes Support

Display blog on page using following shortcode “[wp_blog_designer]”

Blog designer

Colors & Typography

Unlimited color options for post title, post content, read more text and font size selections to make your blog page suitable for your website.

Content Management

Limit your blog post content with a word limit for post’s loop to avoid the large page size and boring reading experience.

Page Selection Option

Page selection option will allow you to showcase your blog posts with any page.

This plugin is simple to use



This plugin is simple to use and offers so much configurability. I had submitted a bug report for a minor problem and it was fixed within 24 hours.

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Blog Designer – Setting Panel
Blog Designer – Standard Settings
Blog Designer – Content Settings
Classical – Blog Template
Spektrum – Blog template
Evolution – Blog template
Light Breeze – Blog template
Timeline – Blog template
News – Blog template
Glossary – Blog template
Nicy – Blog template
Crayon Slider – Blog Template
Boxy Clean – Blog template

Full & Seamless Integration With Your Favourite Tools

Visual Composer
Visual Composer
Site Origin Panel
Site Origin Panel
Beaver Builder
Beaver Builder
WR Page Builder
WR Page Builder

Get advance features and classy Blog Templates With The Pro.

Real-life Website Examples

Showcase - Blog Designer WordPress Plugin
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With More Options Experience The Power of Blog

Get advanced features of Blog Designer with Pro version and experience the full power of Blog Designer. Here are some highlights of Pro Version.


Blog Designer

Fully Responsive
10 Default Blog Templates
1 Domain
Free Forum Support
Default Social Share Style
Limited Features


Blog Designer Pro

Fully Responsive
50+ Default Blog Templates
1 Domain
Premium Support
10+ Social Share Icon Styles
Large Collection of Features

Installation Process

1. Upload the file Via WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New.

2. Alternately, upload blog-designer folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.

3. Activate the ‘Blog Designer’ plugin from Admin > Plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blog designer provide some default blog layouts?

Yes, Blog designer provide 10 default layouts – Boxy-Clean, Classical, Crayon-Slider, Glossary, Light Breeze, Spektrum, Evolution, Timeline, News and Nicy.

How can I get the “Blog Designer Plugin” design instead of “theme design” for blog section on my blog page?

Go to Dashboard » Settings » Reading and check Front page displays option, if you have already selected “A static page” option and posts page settings with your blog page then remove that selection and save that changes.

Can I apply this blog designer only for my hot categories?

Yes, there is one backend option available as you can select multiple categories and blog designer apply for that categories only.

Is there any social option available as I can show social share button on my blog page with every post?

Yes, Blog designer providing option as you can show social share on blog page with 2 different shape options.

Can I control my content length on blog page?

Yes, you can. “Post Cotnent Length” option will give you ability to control your content characters on blog page.

I want to hide post details like post author, post date, etc., Can I?

Yes, There is “General Settings” panel where you can manage your post details as you want to show or not.

Is there any theme to check Blog Designer plugin’s compatibility?

Blog Designer plugin normally works with all WordPress themes. But sometimes it depends on your activate theme with the website.

Change Log

Version 3.1.1

Updated Compatible with WordPress 6.2

Updated Make compatible with PHP version 8.2

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.1

Updated Compatible with WordPress 6.1.1

Fixed Code Improvements

Version 3.0.9

Updated Compatible with WordPress 6.1

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.8

Updated Compatible with WordPress 6.0

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.7

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.9

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.6

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.5

Added Loadmore Functionality

Added Vertical Scrolling widget

Added Post Order, Post Order by options

Added New Design added in Crayon slider

Added New Blog Template – “Media Grid” in Grid Blog Template Category

Added New Blog Template – “News Ticker” in Full Width Blog Template Category

Added New Blog Template – “Blog Grid” in Full Width Blog Template Category

Added New Blog Template – “Blog Carousel” in Slider Blog Template Category

Added New Blog Template – “Sallet Slider” in Slider Blog Template Category

Fixed minor bug fix

Version 3.0.4

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.8

Updated Compatible with PHP 8.0

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.3

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.7.2

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.2

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.7.1

Fixed Minor bug fix

Version 3.0.1

Fixed Fixed icon display issue on backend

Version 3.0

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.6.1

Updated Optimized code

Version 2.1.2

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.4.2

Fixed minor bug fix

Version 2.1.1

Updated Improve code

Fixed minor bug fix

Version 2.1

Added New Blog Template – “Glossary” in Masonry Blog Template Category

Added New Blog Template – “Nicy” in Full-width Blog Template Category

Added Display Shortcode on admin-side Blog Designer Page

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.4

Fixed Minor bug fix with Crayon Slider layout

Fixed Minor bug fix with Boxy-Clean layout

Version 2.0.2

Updated compatible with WordPress 5.3.2

Version 2.0.1

Updated Optimize code of plugin

Fixed Minor bug fix with timeline layout

Version 2.0

Added New Blog Template – “Boxy-Clean” in Grid Blog Template Category

Added New Blog Template – “Crayon-Slider” in Slider Blog Template Category

Version 1.8.16

Fixed Fixed: minor bug fix

Version 1.8.15

Fixed Fixed: minor bug fix

Version 1.8.14

Updated Removed Google plus share option

Fixed js file link issue

Version 1.8.13

Fixed Minor issues

Version 1.8.12

Updated Compatible with WordPress 5.2

Fixed Security issues

Fixed Minor issues

Version 1.8.11

Fixed Solve security issues

Version 1.8.10

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 5.1.1

Fixed Solve minor issues


Added Create gutenberg block for blog designer

Updated Make compatible with gutenberg

Updated Make compatible with most popular free themes


Added RTL support

Updated Readme file change

Fixed Admin side design changes


Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.9.8


Fixed Small Design issues


Fixed File is not able to edit from admin side editor

Version 1.8.9

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.9.6

Fixed Make changes as per GDPR rules

Fixed Icon not display for evolution template

Version 1.8.8

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.9.5

Fixed Notification message always showing issue

Version 1.8.7

Updated Backend UI changes for better UX

Version 1.8.6

Updated Modified current templates array for PRO version update

Version 1.8.5

Added Dummy Posts xml file to start journey with sample blog posts

Added ‘Getting Started’ page to get help with WordPress backend panel’

Added ‘‘Select Post Tags’ and ‘Select Post Authors’ option available with free version


Added Option to apply default style with the selected template

Version 1.8.4

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.9

Version 1.8.3

Added Option to display HTML tags with the post content

Version 1.8.2

Updated Template css file call path to resolve file permission issue

Version 1.8.1

Updated Default template option values for better output

Fixed Minor bug fixes on “Save Settings” action

Version 1.8

Added Choose link hover color option

Added More options with Read more settings

Updated Change UI of backend panel

Version 1.7.5

Fixed UI conflicts with other plugins

Version 1.7.4

Fixed Minor bug fixes

Version 1.7.3

Fixed Width issue resolved with timeline and news template


Fixed Alternative Background Color Showing with the selected blog templates still if selected “No”

Version 1.7.2

Updated Change text-domain to ‘blog-designer’ to make plugin compatible for

Fixed Solve default color issue

Version 1.7.1

Fixed New UI conflicts with WooCommerce Order backend pane

Fixed Timeline layout design issue

Fixed Choosen (drop-down) UI updated

Fixed Design issues with responsiveness

Version 1.6.10

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.7

Version 1.6.9

Fixed Post title background color can’t removed permanently

Fixed Remove extra css call those are not required to call

Version 1.6.8

Fixed Admin UI Changes to make compatible with WordPress 4.6

Version 1.6.7

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.5.3

Fixed Visual Composer Support Fix

Version 1.6.6

Updated UI improvements for better user experience

Version 1.6.5

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.5.2

Fixed Read More value not saved with some templates

Version 1.6.4

Updated Make compatible with WordPress 4.5

Fixed Setting not saved sometimes

Version 1.6.3

Added Custom CSS support

Added Support of “Restore Default” option to start again with default settings

Updated UI modification for easiness

Version 1.6.2

Fixed Pagination issue with timeline layout

Version 1.6.1

AddedNew layout – “Timeline Blog Template”

Fixed Load time issue

Version 1.6.0

Added Localization support with plugin

Added Font-size support for post-title and post-content

Updated Improvements with User Interface

Updated Default value setup with fresh plugin install

Updated Field’s labels are modified for better user experience

Fixed Undefined index error resolved when blog category not selected

Version 1.5.2

Fixed Confliction with WordPress front page setting

Version 1.5.1

Fixed Facebook sharelink issue

Version 1.5.0

Fixed Conflict with Visual composer plugin