Magento Live India 2017
May 8, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

The grand ballroom of Leela Palace, Bengaluru saw humongous energy and enthusiasm pouring in from different parts of the world on 2nd May 2017. The occasion was equally significant as the place was hosting the first ever Magento Live, India 2017 event. It was an out-an out privilege to have closely witnessed this magnificent event.

It was great to see Magento developers, agencies and partners to come under one roof to meet and share the ideas and know what lies ahead for the Magento community.

Pre-Event Buzz

The pre-event get together arranged by Ramesh Kumar. He set the tone of energy for the next day’s main event. Few of Magento enthusiasts met and were enjoying outside the library bar and were waiting for others to join us.

Euguen Tulika, Ievgen Shakhsuvarov, Oleksii Korshenko and Sherrie Rohde soon joined us there.

Later, we moved in where we were joined by Mark Lavelle, CEO, Magento commerce, Mark Lenhard, SVP Strategy and Growth, Jason Woosley, SVP, Technology & Product, Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering, Ben Marks and Andy Barker for drinks where Mark Lavelle took a selfie with all the attendees.

Everyone dispersed slowly, I too moved away and to my surprise it was raining profusely outside in the peak summers in India. Then someone informed me that it’s a normal scene to see in Bengaluru.

On the Big day @ the Registration desk

The first stop before the session began was at the registration desk where we received our Identity cards and we dropped our visiting cards too. I was pleased to meet the vibrant personality, Taleesh Seeparsan again there. We had met the previous day at the library bar.

Ready to see the action

Solwin Infotech team ready for action Magento Live 17

The event saw the presence of biggies from the Global Magento Team –
Mark Lavelle, CEO, Magento Commerce,
Mark Lenhard, SVP, Strategy and Growth
Jason Woosley, SVP, Technology & Product
Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering
Sherrie Rohde, Community Manager
and a few other senior members from the Magento Commerce team alongwith Anupam Pahuja, MD, Pay Pal India.

Mark Lenhard’s kickstarted the event highlighting the contributions made by the Magento community in India. He introduced and invited on stage Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce.

Mark Lavelle took over the stage and presented certain statistics, growth projections about APAC e-commerce and the profound presence of mobile commerce in APAC region and what lies in the future for Magento community. Apart from his insightful presentation what caught everyone’s eye was his orange colored Modi jacket and greetings of “Namaste India” in the beginning of the session.

One of the few key takeaways from his session was “Key to the success”
1] Be bold with your brand
2] Embrace digital first
3] Build flexibility into business
4] Innovate through human ingenuity

The next session as per the schedule, we attended was by Vijay Golani, Magento U Trainer and Vice President of Development, Wagento where he threw light on the development concepts behind the functions, design, and workings of the Magento 2 platform.

However, it was Talesh Seeparsan’s words which took my energy to the next level. It made me wonder if it was either in reciprocation to a small gesture towards him at the registration desk or my activeness and keenness throughout the event that made an impression in his mind. Anyways, thanks Taleesh.

There was a session by Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering, Magento Commerce on “Successful Migrations on Magento” simultaneously in another room.

After Vijay’s session the next session we attended was by Ben Marks, Evangelist, Magento Commerce on Extension Development Best Practices and Marketplace EQP where he informed about some best tricks and tips for fast selling.

After this session was lunch break, where we again took the opportunity of interacting with several attendees at length, clicking pictures and exploring the place little closely in the spare time after lunch.

Post lunch, Jason Woosley, SVP of Product & Technology, Magento Commerce and Max Yekaterynenko did a technical deep dive and showed us the ways in which we can make our business more powerful. He gave an overview of some of the key features Magento 2.2’s below:

1] Magento Business Intelligence (BI)
2] Magento B2B Preview
3] Magento Shipping

We heard from few fellow members about an amazing session “Enhancing Your Career with The Magento Ecosystem” delivered by Sherry Rohde, Community Manager, Magento Ecommerce simultaneously in another room.

Oleksii Korshenko, Software Architect, Magento Commerce delivered the next session on concept of backwards compatibility and its implications in case of Magento 2.

Simultaneously, Ian Kinsella, Senior Director, Sales, APAC, Magento Commerce & Ben Marks, Evangelist, Magento Commerce delivered a session on “Navigating Magento Commerce Order Management” in another room.

Next session we attended in mid afternoon was “First Steps to Building Secure Magento Extensions” delivered by Taleesh Seeparsan, who touched an important aspect that is “Security” in the web-space. He admitted the fact that website are susceptible to hacking whereas at the same time created awareness about various strategies and tools that can be use to deal with “hacking”

In a simultaneous session, Ben Marks talked about Business intelligence.

Final Session of the Day

The last session of the evening we attended was by Max Yekaterynenko, Director of Community Engineering, Magento Commerce where he talked about Magento 2 architectural directions and community contributions.

The event concluded with Mark Lavelle announcing that Magento Live will be back in 2018, Thus keeping the enthusiasm intact of the people

After Mark’s announcement, the crowd was thrilled and overjoyed to know about the return of Magento Live in 2018. There were discussions and laughs amongst the people everywhere in the ballroom. Needless to say it was accompanied by bulk of selfies by almost everyone present there.

The excitement was taken ahead to the after-party and dinner where people happily gorged on the delicious food and drinks and met each other before signing off.

We managed to get hold of Mark Lavelle, CEO Magento Commerce and Mark Lenhard, SVP Strategy & Growth, Magento Commerce amidst the crowd for a few minutes and surprisingly both of them asked me the same question “How was the event”? I was awe-struck and running short of words to express how delighted I was, but finally I managed to answer saying – “It was amazing….!”

Eagerly looking forward to Magento Live India 2018!


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