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How to Showcase Your Profile Picture in WordPress Website without Gravatar Account

Showcase your Profile pic in WordPress Blog
March 18, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

Website presentation is not just limited to texts, it’s a combination of well organized texts and images. And specially for forum and blog showcase, it is very important to a person who had written it.

Since long time we have been posting blogs on website without Gravatar and not showing actual author. But the new trend started in the industry now. Let me explain the benefits of using Gravtar.

Here are some important tips to use Gravtar right away.

Gravatar is a “Globally Recognized Avatar”. You can easily showcase your self site to site like comment, blog author, etc. You just need to create account, upload your profile picture and wait for few minutes to recognize your picture with connected email address. Yes, this profile picture can actually prove your branding and reader loyalty.

Benefits of using Gravatar:

  • Building your author brand
  • Redirect visitors to same writer blogs
  • Increase your authority
  • Professional profile pic. showcase

But, the question is that all of your website authors, guest authors or end users of your blog don’t know about this facility. We should guide them to use this great feature of WordPress.

More questions – Why they are interested in this matter? Why they will create a new account just for image showcase? Why will they embed their email address for any other websites as well?

Just because of all these reasons, you might loss the beauty of your website.

Let me suggest, how you can go ahead to overcome this issue. I have selected our Blog Designer PRO plugin’s Brit Co Blog Template with Gravatar images.

Brit co Blog Template - Blog Designer PRO

Brit co Blog Page with only Gravatar

Yes, have you noticed that some posts missing Gravatar images? and that’s why its looking with default “Mystery Man”. I have done some research to fill up this gap for bloggers and as a solution, I found some useful plugins that will give you Gravatar image control with WordPress website.

Custom User Profile Photo

Custom User Profile Photo - WordPress Plugin

Custom User Profile Photo is an essential plugin to give facility to end users as he/she can upload own profile pictures instead of Gravatar image. That profile picture will available within blog author showcase, comment author showcase, etc. like it will recognize with whole current WordPress site. Users can use different profile pictures in all WordPress websites.

WP First Letter Avatar

WP First Letter Avatar - WordPress Plugin

WP First Letter Avatar includes a set of beautiful, colorful letter avatars in many sizes. Optimal size will be chosen by the plugin in order to display high quality avatar instead of default one. This plugin will might be a single plugin solution for your WordPress site if you are fighting for Gravatars for your blog authors.

As per the image below, you can see that I have implemented both above plugins with my blog website. Now, its looking more beautiful and pretty as compared to the old one.

Brit co Blog Template - Blog Designer PRO

Brit co Blog Page with Gravatar and plugin support

To see the live demo of Gravatar in action, please check our Blog Designer site’s demo layouts and add simply comments with the any blog posts and hope you will find some new faces with the blog. Our motto of this blog is that improve blog page design with the help of well known plugins which will give you advanced feature to your current blog page.

News: Blog Designer PRO v1.5 is on the way!

We are going to announce official news about our next version of Blog Designer PRO v1.5 release in next few days. So, if you aren’t familiar with our Blog Designer plugin then please try this lite version of Blog Designer plugin. It’s free download.

Upcoming Features in Version 1.5:

So, what are you waiting for now? Try the lite version and upgrade to PRO plugin before the price go high. From next month, we might update prices of all our codecanyon products.

We wish you can take advantage of some of these last period price deals and yes, don’t forget to beautify your blog page with the above tricks that I mentioned earlier!!

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    This is the nice post which I was awaiting for such an article and I have gained some useful information from this site.

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