Web Design Trends in 2014
April 21, 2014 Sanjay Dabhoya

Just like the last year 2013 that approached with exhilarating ranges of web design trends, 2014 has also rolled to be a superb year for the creative web designers who’re crafting even more wonderful websites. They’re just splashing up with unique ideas and spreading the popularity of the web designs everywhere. Let’s discuss about the few excellent must have web design trends in 2014.

Mixed Typography : As typography is acquiring center stage and getting more serious this year, many of the websites have explored with two to three distinct fonts in every page that makes them simple to go through and appealing too.

Powerful Contents : The contents of the web pages have to be original and pleasing to read for the clients. The contents covering text, images, graphics or video has to be extremely attractive and win the hearts of the audience.

Responsive Website Designs : With the flourishing recognition of mobile devices, websites have turned out to be more responsive to provide their clients with different mobile devices that make numerous resolutions.

Better Images on the Websites : With time changing, 2014 has arrived with higher A-class quality of images that are more artistic and classy due to many reasons such as affordable pricing; loading speed exceedingly quick, etc. Many of the images on websites come up with color overlays, photo-shop filters and blurriness.

Expansion of Parallax Scrolling : Many numbers of websites are advancing with multi-layered parallax scrolling that signifies eternal creativity. Its scrolling is quite ideal, along with dominant imagery and innovative typography.

Various CSS3 and CSS4 Features : CSS3 features are allowing the websites to show their excellence in creativity. But even the expansion of CSS4.0 pattern has set off in a speedy pace. Web developers are executing new CSS4 features such as parent selector, location-based pseudo classes, etc.

Video Backgrounds and Short Presentation Videos : Nowadays websites are applying a multitude of video backgrounds that appears to be splendid. Even 2014 has emerged with six-second presentation videos that are simple to create and audiences love these concepts. In a short video, you’re explaining the whole concept of your company and its services.

Flat Designs and Long-Shadow Designs Increases : Most designers are crafting their websites with flat designs that are simple, accurate, modish, sensible and enhanced user experience. Long-shadow designs include elements such as the primary concepts of flat designs, thus adding intensity to the flat, dry edges.

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