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September 2, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

The E-Commerce call to action button can drive visitors toward purchasing items or becoming your customers. Here are 15+ effective ways to make your CTAs irresistible.

Are you satisfied with around 2% conversion rate of your eCommerce website?

In today’s competitive scenario, even if your online store looks awesome, it may fail to persuade people to purchase.

Therefore, you need to apply new techniques and unique strategies to boost the conversion rate and drive more sales.

E-Commerce call to action or CTAs is one of the strategies that can serve your objectives effectively. Here are the top tips to make the most of CTAs.


What are CTAs?

Simply put, CTAs or Calls-to-Action buttons that drive prospective customers toward particular actions like where to click and what to purchase.


A clear and straightforward eCommerce call-to-action can enable you to motivate the customer by addressing their wants properly. As a result, your customers can readily reach the right place in the conversion funnel.

Do you know that Amazon has got a whopping 13% conversion rate thanks to the CTAs?

The call to action can be for anything ranging from buying a particular product to subscribing for a newsletter or notifications.

In the competitive world of eCommerce, the importance of CTAs keeps on increasing with every passing day. Right CTAs at the right place can assist you to strengthen the relationship with customers by keeping them engaged on your website or online shop.

You can either share knowledge or compel the prospective buyers with the help of CTAs with ease.

You must have seen ads on Google and Facebook with CTAs to know more, read more, or download.

facebook cta


These days, every online business relies on CTAs. Be it an established brand or startups, companies of any size can leverage the benefits of CTAs.

Though there are no hard and fast rules about placing CTAs in the website or online ads, language, placement, and color/font play a vital role in making them highly effective to compel people.


Language/Content for CTA

Shop Now


Short and sweet is the norm when it comes to an eCommerce call-to-action.

“Shop Now” or “Buy Now” can work wonders by driving customers to product pages or a checkout page. Here timeframe is an important factor. For example, instead of writing ‘Shop’ or ‘buy’, it is always more effective to put the ‘Now’ word to indicate urgency.

People tend to act fast after reading such words. So, the short and simple content of CTAs is inspired by retail psychology.


Placement of E-Commerce Call-to-Action

‘Above the fold’ and ‘Below the fold’ are major concepts in online marketing.

If you put CTA above the fold or on the top of your web page, it enables your customers to get rid of scrolling through the page for a particular action. Also, you should make sure that the ‘Above the fold’ calls-to-action are having only a few options. This is specifically necessary when the customer is near the checkout point or near the end of the conversion funnel.

“Add to Cart” or “Add to Wishlist” are a few of the examples of right CTAs at the right place.

As per KISSmetrics, a well-placed CTA within a video can increase the clicks by 380% rather than putting it in the sidebar.


Color of CTAs

Let’s take the example of the Andreas Carter Sports website.

The company’s marketing manager has revealed that after changing the ‘Add to Basket’ button’s color from black to blue, the company has got a reduced rate of abandoned carts by up to 50%.

The button’s color should be in line with your overall business model and target audience. You can opt for A/B testing for checking the impact of different button colors and keep the most suitable one for your website.

It is better to remember that every aspect of your eCommerce website contributes to building the brand image for your products and business.

Visually pleasant colors can always attract more people and make them ready to purchase your products.

Joe Hallock study has found the favorite colors for men and women. You can utilize any of these colors to address and attract the target audience.



Also, you should take care of the brightness and contrast of the button. For example, a button color with lower contrast as compared to the background color will reduce its visibility.

Ecommerce call-to-action is one of the most powerful on-page elements that can significantly increase the conversion rate for your products with relatively fewer efforts.


Here are top tips to make highly actionable CTAs for your online shop.

1. Use Phrases

Phrases like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Join Free’, and ‘Learn/Know More’ are time-tested eCommerce call-to-action phrases. It can be used as and when necessary to get more clicks. For example, if you want to appeal to your visitors to join a loyalty or reward program, the ‘Free’ word can certainly draw their attention.

Here, there is no need to stay ahead of the curve, all you should do is to stay with your peers and motivate more people to take the desired action.

Another point is to use imperative phrases like “Click Here” and “Add to Cart”. Here, there is no need to think about the outcome of CTAs.

If you place CTAs rightly, they won’t be considered as commands and people generally don’t get offended by CTAs. For example, if you use the“Learn More” phrase in the CTA, it appears more straightforward and relevant than the question- “Would you like to learn more?”.


2. Display Security Seals

Security seals and payment processor logos near to CTA can build trust among the visitors.

You can readily remove the hesitance from the prospective buyer’s mind related to the security of payment and personal information.

You should put security seals across the product pages to ensure people that the payment gateways are safe and strong.

REI puts the Norton security seal on the checkout page to enhance the confidence of the customers.


3. Put Important Information

Product pages need to be optimized for offering a seamless shopping experience.

Remember, a simple and straightforward buying process can lead you toward more sales.

Visitors should not find it difficult to find the necessary information that can help them make a buying decision. Therefore, it is better to put the most important information about the product next to the CTA. It can contribute to making the customer’s journey toward the product purchase smooth and seamless.

You can place any of the following important product information in the vicinity to the main CTA:

  • Net Price (Including discounts and promotional offers)
  • Delivery and return policy
  • Aggregate product reviews
  • Availability of stock
  • Color, size, and other options
  • Giving important information alongside CTAs on the product page is necessary to enable the customers to make a decision.


4. Don’t Make Visitors Wait

As mentioned above, one of the best places to put the main CTA is above the fold.

A survey has found that only 20% of visitors see a CTA that is below the fold. But, what is the reason? Well, the visitors simply hate scrolling for long, especially on mobile devices.

When it comes to an eCommerce call-to-action, the study has found that it is necessary to give visitors the option to buy products without scrolling. All large and established online retailers keep the CTA above the fold for this reason. eBay and Home Depot are examples of such players who place CTAs above the fold.


5. Give Social Sharing

Social follow and social sharing calls-to-action can help you leverage the benefits of thriving social media platforms.

Social media content posting

You can readily build the online community for your business and increase the number of loyal customers through such CTAs. Spearmint has used this technique so effectively that it has over 107,000 followers on Instagram alone in less than three years. Social media can also play an active role in making the buying decision.

If you give this feature in the form of the CTA, chances are fairly high that you can build and grow a dedicated community. Most of the eCommerce platforms enable web developers to drag-and-drop social media icons in the online shop.

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6. Go for Subscribe CTAs

Do you know that only 2% of web traffic converts into sales?

Though this is a disappointing fact, you can utilize the CTAs to draw the attention of not-so-ready-to-purchase customers. Here, subscribe CTAs can lend a helping hand.

You can invite people to subscribe to the newsletter and asking for their email addresses. Include more persons in your list and promote your products among them. Also, optimize the conversion funnel for such an audience.

Invite people by offering coupons and discount offers. By using this way, you can give a reason to the customers to open your email and get a higher engagement rate. In addition to these, you can also use a pop-up on a static homepage to draw the attention of visitors.


7. Provide Options

For any eCommerce website, two options are highly important. Yes, you get it right- One is ‘Buy Now’ and the other is ‘Add to Cart’!

You need to use them smartly to get more clicks and increase the sales number.

However, when the visitor clicks the ‘Add to Cart’ button, you need to push them toward buying. In brief, you have two ultimate goals,
1) Compel the visitors to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button, and
2) Give your customers a pleasant and seamless shopping experience.

Native Union has two ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy’ buttons along with a simple and clean checkout interface to make sure that the customers do not miss the item from getting into their cart.


8. Use Review CTAs

Reviews and ratings have a lot of impact on people’s buying decisions.

First-time buyers tend to rely on social media platforms and reviews of the products.

You can invite loyal and repetitive customers to leave a review through an eCommerce call-to-action. These reviews can encourage prospective buyers and existing buyers alike.

You can ask for giving a review either through an email or by putting a ‘Leave a Review’ or ‘Have Your Say’ CTA on the product pages. It is better to use both these methods to get as many reviews and responses as possible.



A great example of implementing both these ways together is StoreYourBoard. It has put the review CTA on every product page and the company sends an email regarding the review once the customer buys a product.


9. Offer Freebies

As mentioned above, the conversion rate is only 2%, therefore, it is necessary to address 98% traffic that does not convert into sales.

You can address them either by email marketing or social media platforms or by offering freebies. Eventually, you can convert these people into your customers. You can use welcome mat CTAs for initializing the process to attract not-so-willing-to-purchase visitors.

The welcome mat has the look and feel is that of the home page, and it does not interfere with the user experience.


Here, Sheer Miracle asks for an email address to give the first Pick 4 Sampler for free. Such CTAs are in-demand and they can help you lure prospective buyers to give their email addresses.


10. Focus on Mobile CTAs

Today, most online shopping is done through mobile devices. In the coming time, this trend is going to remain more prevalent across the world. Therefore, you should give special attention to mobile CTAs.

Your CTAs should pass the “thumb test” for mobile devices. When it comes to mobile devices, it is always difficult and annoying to tap the main CTA. Therefore, you should keep it big enough to fill the width of the mobile screen to get the optimum result.

Also, when it comes to mobile devices, you have limited real estate, therefore, you need to use it wisely.

You need to make sure that the desired action should be free from any distractions.

When you design a mobile-friendly webpage, just create minimal footer links and remove social media icons to avoid distraction from the CTA.


11. Invoke A Sense Of Urgency

By showcasing the limited-time offers, the visitors are more inclined towards purchasing the product. It will help to boost Call to Action on the ECommerce website.

It is essential to develop a sense of urgency by displaying words such as “Limited time offer”, “Quickly”, ‘hurry up”, “Few time Left”, and various other words. Whenever visitors come to know that the product stock is limited then they are curious about the product purchase. It will increase the conversion rate.

Generally, visitors also like to share limited-time offers with their near and dear ones so they also get benefits from it. And those things ultimately help website owners to get more traffic as well.


12. Design Call to Action Copy Using Unique Words

In order to gain attention to your visitors, use the power of words, and design attractive words for the call-to-action buttons. So, visitors find it eye-catching and it will become more attractive.

Insert some unique words instead of using submit, shop and various others will definitely seem like the user’s eyes to take any action on the ECommerce website. More powerful and attractive buttons help to get more visitors inclined towards a call to action button.

In Solwin Infotech website, we insert some call to action buttons like in the image below.



13. Include Value Proposition

Another important appealing thing that gives you increment in conversation rate is beginning the value proposition in the call to action button. The customer must know how much percentage of discount they will get while purchasing the product.

Bulk Discount

Here, by providing bulk discount visitors like to purchase the products on the bulk rather than a single one. Which directly means that the company will get more revenue.

Many ECommerce companies provide some percentage of discounts on online payment by debit card or credit card rather than cash on delivery. So, people like to choose online payment to get discounts.


14. Use Action Related Words

Make sure, you have to use the call-to-action related words on your ECommerce website. It is actually a way where you can convert your visitors into customers.

Let me give you an example of some action words or phrases that guide the visitors to what they do next. So, let’s start with that,

  • Add To Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Get Access
  • Login
  • Subscribe
  • Get Limited Offer
  • Check Out
  • Place Your Order
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Online Payment

Find out which words attract the visitors for the call to action. It really helps to boost the conversation rates on the ECommerce website.


15. Give customers a reason to act NOW

By showcasing in your content you can give a strong reason for your customers to buy things from your ECommerce website. If you have limited stock, then tell your visitors about it. Each visitor provides an opportunity to get more CTAs on the website.

Moreover, your conversation rates will reflect how much respect you gave to your visitors and how well they are following the call to action.

Do not try to sell everything, but try to find the best interest according to their perspective.


16. Keep Testing Your Buttons

Practicing the test and optimize method helps you to boost the conversion call to action. All the above-given tips definitely help you to boost the conversation call to action on your ECommerce website. However, there is no fixed approach for increasing CTAs for ECommerce websites.

The great way is to keep testing and analyzing different CTAs such as shape, color, a position to know which works great for your ECommerce website.

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Don’ts for E-Commerce Call-to-Action

It is fair to mention that the over usage of an eCommerce call-to-action can lead you toward the prospective customer’s reluctance. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the following ‘Don’ts’ in mind while placing CTAs on your business website.

• More CTAs
Never cover your web page with CTAs to draw attention. Putting CTAs everywhere can actually reduce the conversion rate.

• Irrelevant CTAs
You should put only relevant and useful CTAs at the right place. Visitors tend to ignore irrelevant CTAs and your efforts to drive sales may go in vain.

• Powerful CTAs
Your CTAs should be effective but they should not overpower the overall content on the web page. A quick wave is always more effective than shouting!

• Blend CTAs
The blending of CTAs can lead your website’s visitors to ignore them. As a result, you may not get what you want from the CTA. Instead, you can opt for an A/B testing of every eCommerce call-to-action regularly to increase the conversion rate.


Concluding Lines

As per the 2019 Online Marketplaces report, the total eCommerce sales number has grown by 20% in the last year and stood at $1.66 trillion.

Worldwide, eCommerce and m-Commerce domains are gaining popularity swiftly and the eCommerce call-to-action remains handier for the online retailers.

Hope these tips and tactics will help you avail all the advantages of CTAs. We would love to hear from you. Share your experience or knowledge with us.

We, at Solwin Infotech, take care of every aspect related to eCommerce web development. If you want to know more about eCommerce call-to-actions or boost your business by opening an online store, just connect with us. Our experienced business consultants will contact you to get an idea of your project and business objectives.

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