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June 15, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

If your visitors don’t like to visit your company website due to the things as simple as the color of a button on your website and the positioning of your text, then this blog is just for you.

However, you may not even realize that your website may have influenced your visitors to some degree with simplicity, psychological factors as well as ingrained. Which you may not be aware of.

The process of developing a website, your writing content, and representing related images is one of the complex decisions you make each day to boost the connection with your visitors. Moreover, the online market continues to rise and develop very quickly so it is really important for small companies to generate an online presence as strong as possible to help them to stand out in front of the audience.

The plethora of experiments have been executed by companies all over the globe to examine whether the small adjustments to the web design have much of a psychological impact on visitor’s browsing, and frequently the results are surprising. Various experiments have shown that the minor alteration in the way of expressing a thought, color, and positioning. It can have an important impact on how outstanding a website is.

The passionately designed website will invoke the emotions, thoughts as well as feelings within a consumer. So it productively gu/ides visitors for making a purchasing decision that the company owner needs.

However, it is not only about making sales, but a website that is build with visitor’s psychology in mind can also boost visitor experience. So, it enhances your business’ standard as well as developing the chance of re-visit customers.

Here are some ways for your website performance which can enhance your customer connections.

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1. Use Colors and Space to Appeal

To a large extent, your company logo and branding will make a determination of your website’s color scheme. However, you have to still think carefully about how these colors are being used. Moreover, to improve Your Website Performance you need to think about each color with various connotations deeply.

Apply the basic color emotion a quick go through on which color is associated with which emotions. Furthermore, inclusive and consistent storytelling is important to your brand identity and connecting with your visitors.

For instance, the color blue is recognized as being calm, relaxing, trustworthy, and dependable. Red is normally seen as an urgent, fiery, and sometimes angry color. Green color represents nature and growth. Yellow is mostly associated with happy and warm emotions, while purple is seen as a fun and creative color.

color emotion

Whatever color scheme you like to go with, but do not oversight the power of ‘white space’. If Websites that are too colorful, cluttered, and busy can appear stressful then perhaps it may disorganize and confuse for the audience.


2. Create Trust With Certificates

Due to enhancement in online preference, cybersecurity is one of the crucial growing concerns among companies owners as well as customers. That is the reason various digital companies are required to assert that it is totally safe to purchase from the website.

Online payment by giving credit card information, creating accounts, or everything that needs higher levels of the trust factor. So visitors always take care of things before they will put their personal data.

Point out what kind of security measures you have designed to protect your customers’ and visitors’ security every time.

Data Security

After clearly observing placed certificates on your website, they will be more likely to buy from your website.


3. Limited Time Offers

People feel a little bit of urgency to make a choice when they have to tick the clock. Generally, it is a great way to get visitors to agree in favor of your service or product. It looks to be on offer for a limited amount of time.

Moreover, more and more brands are applying a basic count-down timer on the products and sales offers to demonstrate original time how soon the sale ends to welcome more and more visitors to use the defined time and they can save money on the buying product or service.

If visitors are already on your product page and checking out for a specific offer, then apart from doing other things they have just been interested in buying.

Each individual needs to save some money when they get a chance.


4. Think Thoughtfully About Positioning

A Nielson Norman Group’s study found that when visitors see online content then they like to read in an ‘F’ shaped pattern. From Nielson’s research, the images below are eye-tracking. The red area is the most viewed however in the blue is least viewed by people. Make sure this pattern is in mind when you create your webpage’s layout using various WordPress themes to make sure the most essential news is showing noticeably.

In addition to this, if visitors find trouble for searching any kind of information from your website then they immediately leave your website.


5. Use the Correct Words

The content or data on your website gives you the chance to actually sell your products or service to your visitors. In addition to this, it should invoke emotions, precisely and briefly explain the advantages and features. Also, it brings your visitors inspired by the products and services that you offer.

Most importantly create content for your target audience in your mind. However, if you do not know your audience and struggle to write productive content or information. You must take the time for the market research thoroughly and make a plan of who is your target market and what they may be believing and feeling whenever they see your products or services.


6. Develop strong and attractive calls-to-action

Make sure to guide your visitors to take the action you need them to do by providing an effective calls-to-action. Instead of using the second person phrases such as “get your service” with first-person phrases such as “get my service”.

Research has shown that a slight twist like this can be remarkably productive.

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7. Make it easy

You have to explain your product or services and its advantages smoothly and clearly without making it difficult or complex to read. In addition to this, create it easy to read and manage your content by breaking it down into appropriate chunks and use bullet points where it is required.

easy read

People like quick and easy stats that will help them to quickly get an idea or information about the type of results they want.


In Conclusion

Nowadays, using an online presence is really important for companies due to the increasing number of competition over time. So it is very essential to design your website intelligently with various factors in your mind. In order to stay competitive as well as boost more traffic into your website to sell your products and services.

Hopefully, in this blog, we help you to increase your website performance and grow your customer base.

Contact Us if you want to create a website. Please drop a comment, or let us know if we forget to mention an important point in our blog!

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