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February 18, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Growing your email subscriber list is probably the most difficult task of the whole marketing scenario. Inspiring people to sign up to your website isn’t going to be easy. But before you completely give up on it, know that email marketing is one of the best practices of digital marketing that gives >40% conversion rate. It is highly cost-effective and is considered as the start of a long-term relationship with your clients to benefit your enterprise in long run.

Just imagine how easy it would be for you to directly reach people to educate them about the new arrivals in the store, upcoming sales, and also reviews to help them make the right choice.

Now that we have caught all your attention, allow us to introduce some simple ways by which you can grow your email subscriber list for your eCommerce store.


1. Entice them with good offers on email sign-ups

Using this small trick, you can simply inspire your visitors to share their email address in exchange for a good offer on your products. Use pop-up marketing to provide them coupon codes with exciting offers on your products as they sign up for your newsletters.

Although it might not work on someone who is just randomly visiting your site someone looking forward to shop on your website would highly be benefitted from your coupon and thus would immediately sign up.


2. Use your current customer database

People use their email addresses to shop on Magento 2 eCommerce sites. In your database, you already have a ready email list that can be used for email marketing. By leveraging the current customer database, you can grow your list further. By adding your existing customer email address into the new ones, you have acquired through other ways. All you have to do is ask their permission to send you occasional mails for exciting offers and deals on your products. To make it even simpler, you can simply add a checkbox on the signup page of your website as an opt-in or opt-out way to your regular email communications with your brand.


3. Add sign-ups on the high-ranking pages

A lot of people tend to see companies first on search engines before they engage with them. If you have some high-ranking pages of your eCommerce stores you can simply add popups and ads in those pages with coupon codes to allow your visitors to engage in regular email communication with your brand. Also, this indicates that SEO is equally imperative for any eCommerce brand to generate traffic and building an email list.

Adding email opt-ins and opt-outs in high-ranking pages will be the most effective way to strategize for gathering emails of the mere visitors. Turn your landing pages into a way to not just drive more email subscribers but also sales. Technology advancements have provided the brands today with an option to add in interactive chatbots to engage their customers and make the purchase easy for users.


4. Google Ad Campaigns

SEO might take a lot of time and resources. But for any new eCommerce website hungry for sales, PPC advertisements are good enough to start seeing some traffic on the website and grow their email list. Most of the eCommerce brands focus primarily on PPC campaigns, although it is costly, it is worth it if you are desperately looking forward to gaining some new leads for your business.

See it like that, no matter how someone is coming on your landing page, are you giving them an option to stay engaged with you? All that’s needed by you is to direct them to share their email address for exclusive content and deals on your site. Also, providing value to your customers the first time they come on your site gives them a good impression to stay with you for a longer run.


5. Leveraging social media

People are always active on social media and regularly are found engaged in any contest or challenge they find interesting. Creating Facebook contests can help you to increase the subscription rate for your newsletters. Create contests that are intriguing for your visitors and make the best use out of social media.


6. Make your CTA’s clear

The call-to-action buttons allow your visitors to take action on your website. As a “buy” button on your eCommerce site is visible and clear to your visitors to buy from you. Similarly, the call to action button to subscribe to your newsletters should be visible and clear to your customers otherwise there is no use in making those efforts.

Call To Action

Some of the best ways to make sure your CTA button is visible to your clients is by using different colors, fonts, and also positioning them separate from the other content on the entire creation. Also, testing is a good way to make sure the CTA buttons are working.

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7. Ask Less

Nobody wants to fill in a long-form when it comes to signing up. People usually look for 3rd party signup options like Gmail, or Facebook. It is simply too much to ask your visitors when you give them multiple fields to fill the sign-up form. It is highly recommended that you keep it short and sweet, majorly because you just need their name and email address when it comes to increasing your eCommerce email list.

Go minimum when you start asking them their details. Like just name and email address. Also, if you are wanting to monetize your email list, then you can ask them to proceed to the payment gateway. If you need a shipping address, go for auto-fill information from the billing address. The key here is to reduce their efforts to as little as possible.


8. Assure them their information is safe

Data security is one of the most talked-about technology topics of all time. People don’t feel secure when it comes to sharing their information with a company completely unknown. A guarantee attached to your popup can ensure the users that their information will not be shared with other companies. And if you are asking for their payment details this becomes highly important to make sure to offer them a sense of security, a guarantee to safeguard their details.


9. Create Shareable Content

The quality of your content determines if the reader would be sharing it with their friends or not. Email marketing not only makes things easier for you to communicate but also on the receiver’s end it makes things much easier to share with their co-workers, and friends.

Factually people love to share relatable content. Look for what people are really wanting to know. Today, there are various tools that make the search of blog topics and market trends easy. These crucial insights can help you identify the needs of your customers and create your content strategy on it. Once people start sharing your content, you will see an increase in the rate of email subscriptions and also in the sales.


10. Refer and Earn Program

One of the best ways to not just increase your sales but also your email signups is referrals and earn. Even if people are not loving your content, people would love the discounts you are ready to offer them when they share your email newsletters and get signups from their friends and family. At the cost of a little discount on your products, you get leads.


11. Offer a guarantee

When you are asking people to share their crucial information such as card details, contact details, or anything else, there is some apprehension regarding the security of their data. Provide them that trust, and guarantee their details would not be shared. Also, provide them the satisfaction that your content would be value for money and they will be benefitted from your blogs or ebooks. Similarly, a short-term money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t work or doesn’t give you desired results can work or cannot work.


12. Simplify Your Sign-Up Form

The main goal of your every effort is to make people sign up for your newsletters. And for that, you just need their email address. Make sure you are asking for minimum information from people that land on your site. Also, make it easy, simple, and if the money – do not ask for any more information than required to process the credit card.


Best way to implement these practices in your eCommerce website

Excited? We too can’t wait for how these tips work out for you. But wait! Aren’t you forgetting something? You can choose the right extensions for your Magento 2 store.

Well, how will you make sure these tips are well implemented in your eCommerce websites? Here is the Advanced Newsletter Popup Magento 2 Extension that allows you to display a pop-up to inspire visitors to sign up for your newsletters. Also, you can change the custom fields and customize the message in the advertisement. Get customized newsletter popups with customized tile, message, subscription buttons, also the colors and font to lure your customers into subscribing to your emails.

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