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June 24, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

As a versatile and scalable platform, Magento is a preferred choice of many entrepreneurs and developers globally. However, this is a complex platform and requires coding experience. In other words, non-technical persons or retailers who do not have time for coding may find it difficult to manage the Magento store. There, experienced Magento developers can make their life easier.

But here is a catch-22 situation. It is quite a tough task for you to find the right Magento developer. As you can see many freelancers and web development companies offer Magento-based development services. You need to keep many things in mind while hiring the most suitable web developers for your project. Here is a detailed account of how to hire Magento developers.

Okay. First things first, let’s start with the basic question: Why do you need Magento developers? In the following stages, we will discuss the requirements analysis and tips to recruit Magento developers.


Why should you hire Magento developers?

Here are the key advantages of hiring expert Magento developers:

1. Save Time

Whether you are a technical or non-technical person, coding may not your cup of tea. When you hire dedicated Magento developers, they can deal with the complex coding and functionality of your Magento store. They have enough experience to handle complex situations, and as a result, they can readily manage the development process while meeting deadlines. Meanwhile, you can pay attention to other critical aspects like branding, sales, inventory, and marketing of your online business. In a way, hiring developers can help you save time and effort.


2. Get Technical Assistance

Get Technical Assistance

Skilled Magento developers can assist you to leverage the benefits of a robust Magento platform for your eCommerce store. They can also guide you about handling PSD or HTML and necessary customization to meet the future requirements of your business. In brief, you can get technical assistance for any modification or customization of your Magento store.


3. Facilitate Modification

Seamless performance and attractive design are the two most important factors for ensuring the success of your Magento store. When you hire professional developers, you can remain assured of achieving both these objectives. What’s more, you can readily communicate with the team of developers regarding the real-time modification of your website. It is easy to alter your eCommerce site with the active support of Magento developers.


4. Enhance Performance

This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring qualified Magento web developers. Even if you do not have much technical insight, your website can remain appealing to the visitors, thanks to these developers. They can efficiently handle the issues related to performance and features while offering speed and security to your eCommerce website.

Certified Magento developers can build a robust eCommerce website with all the desired features. However, you need to keep the following points in mind to find the right developers. Let’s go through these points one after another.


A. Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

The Magento website development process starts with the requirement analysis. You need to make a clear roadmap on the basis of extensive research on the market trends and your competitors’ activities. Your eCommerce website should give the answers to the questions that are remained unaddressed by your rivals.

The following questionnaire will help you gather and analyze the requirements;

  • Do you need front-end, back-end or full-stack developers?
  • What is your budget?
  • Which features do you want to integrate into the website?
  • What is your time frame?
  • Do you want to integrate high-end functionality or wish to have a basic online store?

Though the Magento platform offers immense opportunities and scope for taking your business to the next level, it is better to keep the focus on your business model and key requirements at the initial level.


B. Decide Type of Developers

After defining the scope of Magento store development, you need to take another crucial decision: Yes, it’s about choosing freelancers or dedicated developers from a reliable Magento web development company. Though this choice depends on certain factors like budget, workflow, deadline, and feature integration. It is advisable to hire dedicated developers from the company for the following reasons.

  • Your project is in the safe hands
  • Get right resources for different tasks under one roof
  • Get your project done in the given deadline
  • Customize the website anytime during the development phase
  • Get support and maintenance services

A reputed Magento web development company offers all these benefits in a cost-effective way. However, you need to shortlist the companies that have a good track record of better services.


C. Choose Right Development Partner

Choose Right Development Partner

These days, many web development companies provide Magento web development services. Some companies offer their services at dirt cheap rates. But then, you may need to prepare for compromise in quality while saving bucks. In other words, we cannot expect quality or extraordinary services at cheap rates. If you want to get the desired outcome from your Magento online shop, you require experienced web developers. We recommend that you should prefer quality over cost because a high-quality Magento store can give you a higher ROI.

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Five Factors to keep in mind while hiring the right Magento developer


1. Reviews, Ratings, and References

Reviews and ratings can certainly help you get a clear picture of the skills of Magento developers. The client’s testimonials and feedback can give you a rough idea about the developer’s approach, professionalism, skills, and overall performance. Most of the information regarding review and ratings are available online. All you need to visit their websites. You can also visit the company and meet the developers personally. Along with this, you can ask for references and discuss with them the developer’s skills and working methods.

2. Portfolio and Past Work

Portfolio and past work of Magento web developers can make you certain about their selection for your online shop. The portfolio, either in physical or digital form, can give you an idea about the number of completed projects, expertise, and experience of the developers. You can also know whether they have a good focus on every aspect of Magento web development and a problem-solving approach to make the website up and running.

3. Communication and Collaboration

Communication plays a vital role in web and app development. It is necessary for you to make the developers understand your requirements. If you hire experienced Magento web developers, it is necessary for you to ensure that they can collaborate with your employees while developing an eCommerce website. Also, you should stay in touch with them at a specific time every day to ask about the progress and discuss changes if any.

4. Specifications

Before assigning your web project to the company or the team of dedicated developers, you should share the project details and guidelines with them. Also, it is advisable to make sure that they are fine with the specifications, business requirements, and project deadline. All these factors are necessary to be considered at the initial phase to get the optimum result.

5. Go for Paid Test Project

This is one of the most effective techniques to check the capabilities and skills of Magento web developers. The paid test project is specifically beneficial for you if you are going to spend a lot of money and time on your online shop development project. It can assist you to pick the right candidate. Codility and Devskiller are useful platforms that provide an automated pre-employment test for the developers.


Characteristics you should look for in ideal Magento web developers

Finally, you should check the following skills after considering the five factors mentioned above.
The CV of shortlisted Magento web developers should demonstrate

1. Domain expertise

The right web developers should have expertise in Magento web development, shopping cart development, and eCommerce software development domains.

2. Industry insight

Magento is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms worldwide. Therefore, it is essential for app developers to have knowledge of a thriving eCommerce sector and the latest market trends. Also, the developers should be acquainted with the Magento platform’s different versions like Enterprise, Go, and Community.

3. Professionalism

It is nothing but the attitude of developers toward their work. The professional approach has a significant role to play in the developer’s selection because skills and experience are of no use if the developers are unprofessional.

4. Creativity and Imagination

Creativity and Imagination

Magento developers with high creativity and imagination capability can come up with innovative online shop solutions. They can think of intuitive solutions to meet various issues and the client’s business requirements.

5. Discipline and diligence

Both these characteristics enable the developers to complete their web projects on time. These qualities can be a game-changer for your business. Because such developers are more dedicated and help you make the most of the Magento platform.

6. Team player

The team of web developers can readily work in collaboration with your staff. To serve this objective, the developer should be a team player and a good communicator.

7. Pressure Handling ability

Whether working alone or with a team, the web developer should be capable of handling pressure or stress. As the business requirements and the scope of the Magento site, keep on changing during the entire development cycle. The developers should have the capabilities to build the website as per the client’s requirements.


Concluding Lines

Finding the right Magento app developers for your web project is a herculean task. Especially when many freelancers and Magento web development companies are available on the market. Here we have given a comprehensive guide to hiring the most suitable Magento developers for your project to make the most of this dynamic and robust platform.

As a leading Magento development company, Solwin Infotech can help you build an advanced eCommerce store with desired features. Our experienced Magento web developers can utilize cutting-edge technologies and enable you to stay ahead of the curve. Sounds good? Just send us your requirements at info@solwininfotech.com and keep the ball rolling!

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