Benefits Of Using WordPress
November 2, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

WordPress is a well-known open-source CMS platform. There are several benefits of using WordPress to develop a website. It powers approximately 35% of the internet in the present year. Using WordPress, you can develop any type of website or blog. Moreover, it also supports a plethora of themes and plugins to make stunning and fully functional websites.

In this post, we are going to explain some general and hidden features of WordPress that helps you to gain the maximum from the most well-known CMS platform.

You will definitely learn something new or refresh your concept related to WordPress features. Let’s drive-in.

General Benefits of WordPress Platform:

1. Cost-Effective Pricing

In the past, building a website was not at all pocket-friendly.

In recent times, thanks to WordPress because designing and developing with it is cost-effective. is free for use.

In addition to this, the maintenance expense is relatively economical. You can also do it yourself rather than hiring a web designer whenever you require to update the content of your website.


2. Quick Installation

WordPress is famous for its easy installation. Installing WordPress for creating your website is simple with a few tasks. You can install it within 5 minutes. Refer to this How To Install WordPress for more details.

Importantly, most of all web hosting providers provide a one-click installation for WordPress.

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3. Easy To Use WordPress

WordPress is an easy to use platform with a spontaneous interface. If you are unaware of content management systems and you do not have a website developer then, you can also create a professional website using WordPress.

When it comes to the admin panel, the WordPress dashboard is effectively easier to use compared to other platforms. Inserting new web pages, blog posts, images, and various other things is hassle-free.

With WordPress, you do not have to be dependent on a website developer. You can log in to your dashboard and add, update, and delete anything with just a few clicks.


4. Content Management System (CMS)

The main idea behind WordPress was to provide a blogging tool to the journalist. WordPress is a Content Management System that permits you to develop and publish your content on the web. However, it is generally used for web publishing and control of the content on the World Wide Web or a single computer.

Now WordPress is the first and smart platform most individuals think of when they need to develop a Website. The best thing about a good content management system is to allow any user to create and control their content without any technical knowledge.

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5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

WordPress is not an in-built SEO-friendly feature, but there are various SEO WordPress plugins to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Without a doubt, you can easily enhance SEO on your WordPress website to boost traffic.


6. Strong Media Management

WordPress Platform supports powerful media management for the users. You can easily upload images and other media like videos, audio files, PDFs, and many more to your WordPress site.

Moreover, you can drag your file into the media uploader or directly select it from your drive. In addition to this, you will use the “Add Media” button to insert images or other files directly into your blog post or web page.

In the media library section, you can also insert “alt text” captions, and titles to your media files.

For the larger number of media file library management, you can use the WPFileo Pro WordPress Media Library Plugin. With this plugin, you can easily insert, update, or delete a folder, subfolder, and manage everything you upload on your website.


7. User Management

WordPress is a CMS platform, which means multiple users can have permission to access the website. Every individual can set their username, password, and roles such as author, contributor, subscriber, editor, and administrator.

In addition to this, Each of these user roles defines different capabilities. For instance, subscribers can only look at the dashboard and edit their profiles. And, contributors can draft posts or pages but do not have permission to publish on the website. The Author can draft and publish posts or pages on the WordPress website. The Administrator can do everything and manage your website.

If you need more in-depth, complex user roles, then you can use the User Activity Log WordPress Plugin to monitor or keep track of the various user activities that appear on the admin side. It also notifies you about WordPress core updates, Post updates, User activities, and many more. The plugin provides password security, so only authorized users can delete log details.


8. WordPress Plugins

There are a plethora of WordPress Plugins available in the global market. WordPress plugin helps you to enhance the functionality of your website. Moreover, these plugins permit you to customize your website in the best suitable way. The WordPress platform provides a free and premium plugin for your website. The WordPress plugin can either bring small alterations in your website function or change the complete appearance or feel of your website.

All the plugins are available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Importantly, you can trust the premium WordPress plugins compared to a free WordPress plugin.


9. Responsive WordPress Theme Customization

Kosmic WordPress Theme

All the online businesses need to have their own and unique appearance. WordPress platform provides several opportunities for customization.

Adding WordPress plugins will help make your website unique by providing thousands of templates. On the contrary, customizing a template is comparatively easy because it does not need any coding skills.

There are also online marketplaces that provide attractive and responsive WordPress themes for online business. If you have a small online business, then you can always select one of their pre-designed themes that will suit your requirements.

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10. Flexibility

WordPress is a flexible platform with which you can develop various types of Websites. The ECommerce site, a portal site, a portfolio, a photo journal, an informative site, a magazine or news site, a multi-site network, and many more.

Greater Flexibility

Importantly, there is no end to the flexibility of the WordPress platform. Right!


11. Smoothly Change from One Design to the Other

Earlier, changing themes is difficult due to every design having a suitable platform. However, an open-source WordPress platform makes it easier for everyone to change from one design to another one.

For the WordPress website, you have several design and template options that will work great for your website.


12. WordPress Updates

WordPress is an open-source platform because many people are using it. So, they are continually receiving feedback and enhancements from the design and development community.

WordPress receives proper updates after fixing bugs or provides the latest features and functionality. WordPress is staying updated and always enhancing.


13. Expanded Website Security

WordPress helps you to increase website security by providing easy security updates. Before updating it, take a backup of your website without fail. It helps you when something goes wrong.

WordPress plugins are open security holes, so always update plugins whenever an update is available. But, be cautious of using plugins unreliable sources.


14. Embed Ultimate Social Media Networks

Embedding social media on your WordPress website is easy for users. You need to install WordPress plugins. We recommend using Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin to integrate social media feeds on your website. It supports 14 social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, and many more. It provides a responsive social media wall on your website or blog page.


15. Support Leading Blogging Tools

WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform. With WordPress, you can create a website with a blog included right in it. And it will perfectly match your website!

Besides, you will get great blogging functionality. Use the Blog Designer Pro WordPress plugin that permits you to design or modify a blog page on your website. It has a 50+ high-impact blog template that helps you attract more readers to your blog page.


16. Perfect for Dynamic Content Marketing

The fresh and latest content is important for online marketing when fresh content is of utmost importance. With WordPress, you can often update your website content without needing to follow various convoluted steps.

In addition to this, being able to update your content regularly will help to build credibility in your niche.


17. W3C Standards Compliance

WordPress code standard is compliance with W3C standards. If you are a Website designer, then you have ultimately run into a customer who wants a compliant website as per their needs. With the WordPress platform, you receive great compliance.


18. Clear Improvement and Inflation

WordPress platform permits you to keep your website updated with the latest versions of WordPress and plugins, and even change themes easily as styles and design. You can also insert a shipping cart for the ECommerce website.


19. Update Your Website from Any Place

If you develop a website using the WordPress platform, then you can make changes to your website at any time from anywhere. Importantly, you have a proper Internet connection. Just login to your WordPress admin panel and update changes to your website on the tip of your fingers.


Bonus: Hidden Features of WordPress

Some of the WordPress features may not obtain the proper attention they deserve and stay hidden. Look at the hidden features!


1. Insert, Delete, and Move Dashboard Widgets

The admin dashboard page provides various convenient shortcodes that help you to set and showcase a different section of your website. These sections are divided into different boxes called a dashboard widget.

Dashboard widget

You can click on the screen options button to display or hide these specific boxes. WordPress also supports the drag and drop feature to readjust items.


2. Preview Themes Without Activation

Almost all website owners worried about directly changing a theme will have unwanted trouble for their website. In addition to this, you can review a new theme before activating it.

WordPress Theme Preview

Install a new theme after that, go toAppearance >> Theme web page. Take the mouse to the installed theme’s thumbnail and then click on the “Live Preview” button.


3. Divide Single Post into Multiple Web Pages

You can split your lengthy post into different web pages easily with WordPress. For that, insert tag in your post, and WordPress will automatically divide your post into two parts. If you want to split it with more pages, then add that tag again.

Furthermore, this feature is helpful when you are writing lengthy articles and don’t want visitors to scroll more.


4. Easily Integrate Links, Videos, and Multimedia

Add Media

WordPress platform automatically integrates content from some eminent websites like Instagram, Twitter, and more. You need to paste the URL link from the valid website, and WordPress will automatically embed it on your website.


5. Edit Images in WordPress

Without a doubt, WordPress makes it easy for you to add images on posts or pages. Apart from that, it also provides basic image editing functionality. For that, visit the Media -> Library page and select a particular image. In the image detail popup, click on the image edit button.

Edit Image

There are various image editing options available such as rotate, resize, and crop directly from the WordPress dashboard.


6. Scheduling Posts in Advance

WordPress also supports post scheduling. For that, visit the Publish panel, then click on the Edit link next to the Publish. After that, select the specific date and press the OK button. WordPress will automatically schedule your post.

publish now publish schedule


7. Provides Inline Linking

Inline linking is a great feature of WordPress. To use it, copy the URL links and paste it directly on your text to create the internal link. It is a great way for linking a specific task on your blog or post content.


8. Hidden Secret Options Panel

This hidden WordPress feature is the most advanced.

To access that navigates to Over there, you will see a page with a list of options.

You can also configure several WordPress options such as URL, blog name, website description, time format, etc. You can also customize some of the hidden features.


9. Easily Formatting Shortcuts

WordPress developers are trying to enhance the writing experience. WordPress platform has a range of formatting shortcuts that you can use to write faster.
You can type them directly into the visual editor, and WordPress will automatically format it.

Here is the list of available shortcuts:

1. Use > for a blockquote.
2. Use * or – to start an unordered list.
3. Use 1. or 1) to start an ordered list.
4. Use # for h1 tag, ## for h2 tag, ### for h3 tag, and so on.
5. Use – for a horizontal line.

You can also disable these formatting shortcuts.


10. Add “Favorite” WordPress Themes and Plugins

Add Favorite

Last but not least, WordPress permits you to insert your admired WordPress theme or plugin in the Favorite list. Whenever you are logged into your WordPress account and browsing the official repository, then you have the option to “favorite” any theme or plugin. So, you come back later and make your best decision without any trouble.


Final Verdicts!

WordPress is the most popular platform in the global market. We hope you understand the above-illustrated advantages of using WordPress for creating a website. You can also hire a WordPress developer from Solwin Infotech and get the maximum benefits of WordPress.

Enjoy WordPress website pros!

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