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December 2, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

So, you have launched your WooCommerce website and you wait for the store to make sales. You wait for the online store to make money for your business. There are several different ways in which WooCommerce store owners can grow their business. Whether you are planning to launch a new WooCommerce store or want to increase your sales with the existing online store that you’ve been running for years, this is the right guide for you.

No matter what your business goals maybe, you would need to work hard for increasing your sales online. Even if your WooCommerce online store is doing well, you may still want to make more profits.

Right from growing your email lists to social media marketing tactics, you should focus on different platforms to make your business reach new heights. Using a mix of different tactics can help you enjoy a better ROI. This comprehensive WooCommerce guide will help you increase your sales and make more profits with minimal investment.

Let’s jump in now to discover unique ways in which WooCommerce store owners can grab more customers and make more sales online.


1. Pay attention to the navigation of the site


Whether you believe it or not, the navigation of your WooCommerce store plays a major role in the success of your store. Make sure that your website has a flat architecture to shorten the number of clicks so that the visitor can land to the desired page with a minimum number of clicks. Step yourself into the shoes of the users and think of the different ways to engage your audience. If a visitor has to click too many times to reach the desired destination, they may leave your website.

A condensed menu structure can help the visitors reach the right page easily. The users would be able to find the right page easily without any difficulty. This type of navigation model is a great way to improve your SEO too. Talk to WooCommerce experts and get ideas about the best possible navigation for your online store.


2. Choose attractive WooCommerce theme

When a visitor comes to your store, the first thing he/she would notice is the theme and overall layout of the WooCommerce store. If they like what they see, they may browse through the store and maybe interested to purchase products from your website. If the website has a cluttered or confusing layout, they are likely to exit your site without completing a purchase. There are several different types of free and paid WooCommerce themes available. You can select the best them and customize them as per your requirements and preference.

Kosmic WordPress is a great eCommerce multipurpose theme. This theme has 9 unique and elegant homepage layouts suitable for all kinds of online stores. It also comes with useful features and functionality that everyone requires on their online website. It helps to build an online store quickly with its one-click demo installation. This theme includes various features like SEO-Optimized, blog ready, multiple color options, custom skins, and so on.

Kosmic WordPress Theme

It can be a good idea to hire a professional website designer to customize the theme and make it look attractive.

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3. User-friendly and easy experience

User Experience

It is important that your WooCommerce website offers a user-friendly experience. Using WooCommerce breadcrumbs can be a good idea to improve the navigation of the website for the robots as well as customers. Customize the breadcrumbs to make the visitors stay on the website for a longer period of time, and help them navigate the site according to the previously browsed categories. WooCommerce website owners can also incorporate a product table in the store to help the audience get a succinct view of the products’ description, price, and other details.

WooCommerce Product Table Plugin by Barn2 can help you organize your products into lists so that the customers can search for the products they are looking for. It also helps the search engines index your products to make them easy to find for the users.


4. Easy to see CTA buttons

Call To Action

Keep the add to cart, buy now, and Sign up buttons easy to notice so that all the visitors can view them and take appropriate actions. You can increase your conversion rate by placing a clear call to action on all the pages of your website. When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, he or she should be able to add the products to the cart and complete the purchase easily without wasting any time. The user should not have a tough time locating the add to cart or buy now button. Place such buttons at the right places to make your store successful.

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5. Test your website before launch

Once your website is ready for launch, it is important to test it completely before it is available for the end-users. Performing a usability test can help you find the flaws, if any and help you eradicate them. Find out whether your WooCommerce is easy to navigate, is it uncluttered, will the visitors be able to interact with your website, are all the CTA buttons placed at prominent places, and is it easy for the users to find the products. You can talk to an expert eCommerce website development company to run the usability test and make sure that your site is flawless before it is delivered.


Wrap Up

User experience is the king of any eCommerce website. You should pay special attention to UX while designing UX of the site. Step into the shoes of the users and think of all the possible ways in which you can make it easier for online users to shop from your store. Try to keep your site as clean and simple as possible.

Always keep in mind that you do not want to attract one-time sales, but ongoing and repeat customers. Hence, try to focus on repetitive sales and persuade your customers to keep coming back to your store. Optimize your website for increasing your online sales and making huge profits.

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