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October 9, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

The Magento shop by Brand extension is an excellent Plugin that will allow you to showcase products on your store. You can customize all the brands and products as you wish. You also get the benefit of assigning products to the brands, manufacturers, suppliers, or any other attributes you prefer. In this way, customers can filter and view products depending on their preferred brand in different ways. You also have the benefit of SEO for your brand page, thus better visibility on the search engines.


The benefits are as below

  • Unique easy navigation by linking it to the top of your web page & it.
  • You create an  automatic association with a manufacturer’s default. For the new manufacturer brands, you can easily re-sync.
  • Your customers get easy access to the different brands by using the left sidebar to shop. They can easily pick their preferred option since it allows you to classify the products as per the brand.
  • Get support in several languages.
  • Customize pages, feature and a to z alphabetical listing, as well as import or export.
  • Get option for running multi-stores.
  • It is 100% open source.
  • The installation process is easy, and you can customize it as per your requirements.


Why Should You Use the Magento Brand Extension?

The main advantage of using the Magento brand extension is that it allows you to create an intuitive store.  You have various brands and can add the relevant attributes for each product. It does not matter how many you want to add because there is no limit.  You get to input the relevant details, including brand name, a descriptor, and images. The customers can then easily filter the items they want from your product list page.

You also have access to the short-code generator, thus allowing you to style several components on the front end. Together with this, you get to manage multiple widgets, thus making it very easy to run your e-commerce platform.


The Main Page

The Shop by Brand main page has a very responsive design, and the user can access it on multiple screen sizes.  It does not matter whether they are using a laptop, or their mobile devices, the store will automatically adjust to the appropriate size. You also get to choose the color, style, language, layout, among others.


The Detail Page

Our Brand - Brand Detail with Product

Our Brand – Brand Detail with Product

The detail page will allow you to give more information on what you are selling.

You can create a dedicated page for each brand where you provide all the information relating to that particular item. Some things you will get include:-

    • The brand logo which makes it easy for the customers to identify the brand they want to purchase effortlessly
    • The front banner
    • The description
    • Search brand inputs using the advanced filters
    • List of the different products in alphabetical order
    • Sorting by the Brand products
    • Paging brand products
    • Import and export brands  or supplier using the CSV file
    • Multi-store

The detail page is 100% responsive and allows you to present the products in an easy-to-digest manner. Your customers get to shop using the featured brand’s slider on the sidebar or homepage.


Brands Listing Page

The brand listings page will allow you to have all your supplies, including the logos and other details on one dedicated page. It makes it very easy for the customer to go in and view their favorite brands and products.


You have the option of:-

  • On or off the featured brand’s slider
  • Customize the URL and headings
  • Add the SEO Meta titles and page descriptions


Featured Brands Slider

You can display a featured brands slider on your homepage and the brands listing page.  You should limit the number of suppliers to make it easier to navigate.



Google and SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component for anyone who is on the online platform. By optimizing your pages for SEO, you make it easy for the search engines to find you. You will rank very highly on the search engines, thus more visibility for your brand.

If you use the right keywords, the search engines will direct anyone who is looking for a particular product to your eCommerce platform.

As the admin, you also get to access to the SEO Meta details for your front page. The brand listing and detail pages are SEO friendly. You can also take advantage of the custom Meta tags and URL to make your pages more SEO friendly. You can do the configuration for each supplier.

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One of the things you will enjoy about the Magento shop by brand extension is the fact that you can customize your settings as per your requirement.


Why You May Want To Consider the Magento Brand Extension

The Magento brands extension will offer the e-commerce entrepreneur a lot of benefits. We have already highlighted some of them above. Some of the extensions you get to enjoy include:-


1. Request-for-quote feature

The Magento request-for-quote extension will allow the customer to get a quote very easily. All the customer needs to do is fill out a form on the website, and you will be able to give a precise estimate. You also get additional features, such as automated notifications that will keep customers up-to-date. You also get file attachment features that are compatible with all formats.

Request For Quote - Magento 2 Extension

What it means for you is that you have greater efficiency?  Gone are the days of the customer needing to wait for days to get feedback on pricing. They no longer have to call your company and wait for someone to get back to them.

In the case that you require a more in-depth understanding before giving a quote, the customer can upload an image or text through the file attachment.  It allows you to provide more accurate costing, thus preventing a lot of back and forth. You can restrict the file types so that you avoid spamming.

The email notifications will let the customer know the status of his or her request. You have the option of setting up predefined email responses so that the customer always feels like you are communicating with them.  It also gives you a little wriggle room as you work on the cost estimate, because you keep the customer engaged throughout.


2. Responsive Banner Slider

Responsive Banner Slider - Magento 2 Extension

Responsive Banner Slider is an essential tool for your eCommerce Magento store. The banner slider allows you to showcase feature products, events, images, offers, attractively on your web-store. It gives your website an elegant look while communicating the relevant information.

You can customize the titles, add links, or change the sequence depending on what you want. The best part is that you do not need technical know-how to use the panels. What you need to do is select your image, and upload it from the back end. Now put in the necessary details in the different form, and you are ready to show your banner.

You have several options on the formats, and set your banner sequence as you wish. The result is a more visually attractive website which will get more visitors to your platform.  The banners are also great for creating visibility, especially on the search engines.


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3. Product Attachments Extensions

Product Attachment Magento 2 Extension

Giving relevant product information will help you move your products. The more the customer knows about what you are selling, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

As a default, you will not be able to add this information on Magento 2. However, with the right extension, you get access to such functionality. One such extension is the Product Attachments Extensions that will allow you to add information such as manuals, warranties, CMS pages, among others. You can upload the files in various formats including:-

  • PDF for the user guides
  • PowerPoint presentations for in-depth product information
  • Videos and images in multiple formats such as MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI, and MOV
  • Word documents for terms of service, privacy policies, Licenses among others

The process of adding the extension is straightforward. You can manage all your attachments on a single page. You then get to customize it as you wish by adding or changing the title, type of item, CMS for product page as well as the category. It also allows you to delete any extension without leaving this page.

Use the drag-and-drop to attach any file to the CMS or product page.  You can get the data from the product edit sheet or grid view.

You can also create download pages on a separate file, where you get to display any data you upload. It can be in a category, subcategory, or numbered list layout.

Download Limits and URL

Avoid unnecessary downloads by setting a limit for each attachment.  Easily attach a URL as a link to whatever downloads you have.  It will then automatically display the relevant icon to every attachment.


4. Additional Extensions to Consider

You have the benefit of several extensions that will make the running of your eCommerce platform very easy. Such include:-

Store Locator, which will show your customers where they can find your physical store. You get to add relevant information such as contacts, product descriptors, among others.

Advanced blog extension that will allow you to generate engaging content for your website. You get to update your users with the latest information while taking advantage of SEO-friendly permalinks.

The Store Manager Connector, which allows you to centralize all your operations under one platform. You get two handles tasks such as sales, inventory, order fulfilment, and purchasing, leading to higher efficiency. You also collect relevant insights to help the customer have a better experience while on your site. Reduce costs by tailor-making Omni-channel operations.

EU Compliance Notification Bar that allows the user to give consent to two different things. You get to abide by operational guidelines while keeping the customer updated to the various activities.

Advance shipping setting that allows you to customize different shipping aspects such as price, destination, wait, product attributes, categories among others.

Angolia Instant Search which gives your customers real-time results to their search queries. You have the option of prioritizing results according to popularity ratings. The drop-down menu will give your users instant access to whatever you are selling by allowing them to view the catalog in its entirety.

T-Appz Mobile Commerce Building App will make your website mobile-friendly. It allows you to design, develop, and publish your processes no matter what size of business you are running. It allows for a quick check out process and gives access to third-party payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal.

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Final Thoughts

Shop by Brands Extension for Magento is an excellent tool for anyone who is operating on their online platform. Take advantage of the different apps available to increase efficiency in your ecommerce platform.

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