Best Headline Generator Tools For Better Post Titles
February 1, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

What makes a good headline? A good headline is a first step to entice and encourage readers to visit your blog for additional information.

For this reason, it is a must for every blog to use catchy headlines. If you are writing a list post or in-depth blog content, a catchy headline creates a magnetic impact on your users. As we say, the first impression is the last impression, so in a blog, your headline creates your first impression. You can make your work easier by online Headline Generator Tools and find a suitable title for your article or blog.

Catchy Headlines

Catchy Headlines

It is a fact that if the user does not like your headline then, there is no such value of your content even if it is extremely good inside. The advantage of a good title is not only for your audience but, it also impacts the search engine results.

Do you need any help to create a click-worthy headline for your blog? Yes?

Let’s go through the topmost free Headline Generator tools and create inspiring & catchy titles based on your key phrase. Explore now!


1. Blog Title Generator

Blog Title Generator

Blog Title Generator is a free tool that helps you to create a creative headline for your blog. You can generate the blog title ideas for your content, articles, blogs, magazines, and many more. You need to just add your keyword and it will find the list of related titles for that. If you want to be a standout in this cut-throat competition, a unique and catchy headline is necessary. Using this tool, you will get relevant title ideas as well. So, choose a suitable one & enjoy the good traffic in your article.

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2. Blog Ideas Generator

Blog Ideas Generator

Blog Ideas Generator is a popular tool from Hubspot. It helps you to generate titles as well as generate blog topic ideas. You just need to add the keyword in the text box and hit the Add button. After that, you will get 5 results, and if you want to explore more ideas, than just need to register with an Email ID. This tool will give you more 250 different ideas for your particular keyword. You can choose it for your article or blog, which is the best suitable one as per your needs.

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3. Title Generator by TweakYourBiz

Title Generator_Tweak Your Biz

Another free tool, Title Generator is quite different from the rest of other tools. This tool throws lots of concepts in just one Go. After adding the define keyword, you will get the result with the different categories like a list, Best, How, question, etc. So, you will get lots of options to choose the best one. You know that prominent titles can help you to increase your blog traffic so, use the Title generator tool now & generate the most suitable one.

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4. Content Row

Content Row

Content Row is another rocking tool for the headline generator. It gives certain results of using an individual keyword. If you want to know the trending headlines on your keyword, then you need to sign up with your email ID. This free tool also helps you to analyze your headline score. After picking the blog headline or title, you can check its strength of the particular topic. It also shows some suggestions based on that you can change your headline. This tool also showcases trending topics that are currently widespread or wildly discussed on the online platforms. There has also the option of a word counter or case converter.

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5. Title Generator

Title Generator

Title Generator is another free and amazing tool that gives you 700 ideas for each topic you searched for. Just enter a related keyword and pick a suitable headline for your article or blog post. All the headlines you found with this tool, are catchy and attractive. Therefore, using this tool, you will definitely get a good result for your blog. Most people use Title Generator, cause there are many results for a particular one keyword, so you can easily mix it up with other headline words to create the best one.

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6. Headline Analyzer


Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is a wonderful tool to create an outstanding headline for your bog. This tool automatically spices up your headlines to grab the reader’s mind. It will give you quality headlines with the least effort. Eventually, this excellent tool will help to increase the social share and traffic of your blog. Just, give a try and feel the difference of result.

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7. Blogabout Title Generator


This is again another fabulous tool to rock your blog title. Creating a good headline brings a good impression for your blog post. It increases the value of your post and also increases the reading interest of the audience. To create impactful headlines with this tool is very simple. Just type your topic into the blanks space provided and press the Next button. It automatically generates endless numbers of attractive blog topics. You can also customize it as per your needs.

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8. Capitalize My Title


Capitalize My Title is a catchy title generator tool that helps to write a highly professional blog title. This module lets you know the readability, SEO, and sentiment score of your header. So, you can surely create an appealing title of your blog to reach a wider audience effectively. Also, get a better ranking by creating an SEO optimized title. Further, it also comes with an automatic capitalization feature.

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9. Answer The Public


Answer The Public is a smart tool that generates the most searched keywords for your blog. It helps to give you topic ideas that you are looking for, starting with questions like how to, which, what, will, etc. There are many audiences, who search for topics based on questions. In this case, Answer The Public can be a great solution to create a suitable title with a question. While providing appropriate answers to your audience through your blog, it will increase the search result and share the value of your post.

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10. Content Idea Generator

Portent s Content Idea Generator

If you are seeking a quick solution to get a unique blog title, your search ends here with this tool. Content Idea Generator is a fantastic tool to create a robust title in no time. Just by entering your subject, you can easily generate a great number of titles for your blog post. Importantly, along with the title you get reasons behind each title. That helps you learn more about the title and present your blog in front of your audience.

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Concluding Lines

As a blog writer or content creator, you might think of using only one tool out of this list. But, we recommend to test all of them and decide which headline analyzer or generator tool works best for you. While using this tool, you have to make sure the users don’t feel that titles are system generated, so choose the suitable title with your article and set the keywords as per your requirements. You will surely get more audience on your blog after using it.

Do you have any other technique or tool that is missing here? If it is there, please share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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