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July 15, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

You’ve spent thousands of dollars to build your Magento 2 store. You wait for visits to your store and some sales for the first few months, but you get disappointed after the first quarter gets over. Though there are a lot of visitors to your eCommerce store, there are no sales. You start worrying about the sales for your Magento 2 eCommerce store. What would you do?

You would obviously look for ways to convert your visitors into the customers. It is advisable to look for experienced Magento development company to help you boost your sales and enjoy the maximum ROI. As there is a growing competition in each and every sector, you would need to stand out and make more sales and profits.

In this post, we’ll throw some light on the best tactics that can help you convert your visitors into your customers for your Magento 2 store.


1. Develop a highly secure website

highly secured website


When it comes to purchasing products or services online, customers look for security. When a user would enter the credit card information on your website, he needs to be assured that his data is safe and secure. Users may need to enter confidential information while buying products from your Magento 2 eCommerce store.

Make sure that your website has an SSL certificate and all the required aspects for a secure online eCommerce website. Keep solid backups of your website and update your security on the website to make more sales.

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2. Catchy product descriptions

Catchy product descriptions

Customers are more likely to buy items from a store where they can find detailed product descriptions. You need to understand that product information and description are two different things. Product information is related to the specifications and features of the products you’re selling.

The product description is the eye-catchy part that can be creative and attractive to make the users buy your goods. Magento 2 eCommerce owners can use catchy phrases for the product descriptions to grab the attention of the consumers and increase the conversion rate.


3. Display quality product images and videos

The biggest problem with online shopping is customers can not verify the product physically. So, the company owner can put a high-quality image as well as videos to provide the closest look of the product.

Moreover, the proper images and videos demonstrate a more close preview of products to increase the visitor’s willingness to purchase products from the website. In addition to this, it also plays an essential role in raising website visits and conversion rates.

Companies have to invest their resources and money to make images and videos of the products.

Tip: Use Advanced Product Video – Magento 2 Extension to build this functionality in the Magento ECommerce website. For more details, refer to the given documentation of the extension.

Advanced Product Video Extension


4. Be reachable to your users

Your customers can have certain doubts related to product descriptions, deliveries, returns, exchanges, or anything else. You should make sure that you post your contact details including phone number, email ID, IM, and others so that your visitors can reach out and get answers to their queries. You also need to make sure that the customers’ queries or doubts are resolved by your team.

Be reachable


5. Provide an adequate sizing system

One other important reason why consumers are uncurtained whether to shop online or not is a matter of product size. Moreover, various online stores have been wrongly selling their products, especially clothes. So, this inappropriate sizing system can be discouraging consumers in making the conversion decision with the product’s size.

Nowadays, many companies enhance their buyer’s confidence by providing a systematic size chart. Getting noticeable sizing products will enhance consumer’s confidence and that boosts the conversation rate of the website.

Tip: Use Size Chart – Magento 2 Extension to get this sizing functionality in the online store. For more details, refer to the documentation of the extension.


6. Enable reviews and ratings

Generally, nowadays people like to go through the ratings and reviews before going to purchase things online. One study also reveals that 81% of people read reviews first before buying products.

So, as a result, it is stated that potential customers tend to develop trust by sharing an honest shopping experience. The wonderful reviews also encourage people by ensuring that there will be no hurdle rise when they buy products.

Now each and every ECommerce website should begin to display reviews on their online stores. The Capterra research has proven that an enhance in added reviews can noticeably boost conversion rates.

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7. Call to actions are a must

Nobody has time to flip through different pages for making an online purchase. Make the checkout process as easy as possible and create a proper call to actions on your website. If a customer finds a product that is matching to the items added in cart, he/she should be able to add it immediately and checkout with a minimum number of clicks. Use “Add to cart” and “Buy now” buttons to help customers make a faster buying decision from your Magento 2 eCommerce store.

Call To Action


8. Provides Free Shipping

More than 50% of online store owners offer free shipping. Moreover, free shipping is one of the most essential factors in making purchases. However, if there are high shipping costs then generally buyers are removed from the cart.

Shipping Extra

Free is a basic psychology in which companies can attract more customers. Nowadays, in the market, most of the companies think that free shipping is essential. The simple way to keep logically increasing the product price to cover shipping price.

By implementing free shipping policies on the ECommerce website will boost conversion rates.


9. Provide Loyalty Programs

Provide Loyalty Programs

All of us love discounts as well as loyalty programs. Don’t we? Any eCommerce store can maximize their sales with the help of loyalty programs. It can be a good way to increase sales and attract more users. People love buying items from online stores that offer discounts through loyalty programs. You can also expect repeat customers when you choose to offer loyalty programs to your users.

It can be a great idea to offer reward points whenever the customer purchases something from your store. You can also offer reward points when the users sign in so that they may be tempted to purchase items from your Magento 2 eCommerce website.

Social sharing can also be considered a good way to provide reward points. If the user shares your products on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, you can provide them with some extra points that they can use while making a purchase on your store.


10. Provide confidential and limited-time coupon codes

By providing a discount coupon code or limited time offers will attract new customers. On the final check out step, buyers are more satisfied when their products are able to get coupon code including discounts of the selected product or free shipping.

So, on the website develop coupon code for a limited period of time. Moreover, it can also provide a special discount to some customers displaying various special purchases by setting up the deadline. So, this thing encourages customers to purchase the product quickly.

Tip: Use Discount Coupon Code Link – Magento 2 Extension to get this sizing functionality on the online store. For more details, refer to the documentation of the extension.


11. Enhance Website Navigation

If a company owner wants to provide good experience to their website visitors, then the navigation for an online store should be proper. Generally, navigation is set by a website designer, who is an expert in developing an attractive web design.

The website is performing well enough to make visitors engage and it literally depends on the navigation of the website. The powerful navigated website gets more and more visitors and also helps to maximize the search engine function compared to other inappropriate navigated websites.

That is the reason, it is really essential for the online store owner to have smooth navigation.

Tip: Use Previous Next Product Navigation – Magento 2 Extension to get awesome navigation functionality on the online store. For more details, refer to the documentation of the extension.

Previous Next Product Navigation Magento 2 Extension –view 1

Previous Next Product Navigation Magento 2 Extension –view 1


12. Pay attention to checkout

Pay attention to checkout

No user loves multiple pages or entering unwanted information while making an online purchase. Make sure that your website has an easy checkout option. One-step checkout is a great Magento 2 feature that makes it easier for users to pay online for their orders. Make the checkout process as convenient as possible or else you could be losing a lot of business.

Do not force the users to register on your website. You can provide them an option of check out as guest. Put yourselves in the shoes of your customers and make easy checkout for the users in order to convert your website visitors into customers for your Magento 2 eCommerce store.


13. Provides Easy Return Policy

The easy return policy essentially shows that customers are associated with the long term. This kind of policy will also help with the guarantee to buyers who initially hesitated for final orders.

If the online store owner is not providing an easy return policy then there is a risk of losing honest buyers. They might turn to other competitors’ websites that provide easy return policies.

So, without wasting the time develop the easy return policy on the website to boost the conversion rate.


14. Priced Competitively

For attracting more customers on the website, set product prices below average. Every time a company has to track the marketing price tendency for timely modification of the price level.

Moreover, the company must have to do market research on a routine basis to search for the right buyers who are satisfied with any level of price deals.

For instance, On the online store, if someone provides a high rate for the particular product, which is provided on law price by their competitor. Then, people like to buy the product at a low price rather than giving a high price for the same product. So, like this, the conversation rate will be decreased.

That is the reason, online store owners have to make sure that their site has price compatibility according to the current market trend.


15. Always present shopping cart contents

A user-friendly shopping cart is really important that can make customers find whether they purchase actually selected products or not. The online store owner has to make sure to showcase the cart icon as leading as possible on each web page to display shortcuts to the buyer when they demand to double-check their chosen items.

If the customer can not find the cart easily, then they will reduce their willingness to produce a final checkout. That will likely result in order cancellation and conversion loss on the website.


16. Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, more and more people like to do online shopping on a mobile phone. Approximately 2 billion people will make a purchase in the year 2019. If the company does not take benefit of this current tendency, then they are missing an important opportunity to enhance conversions.

Mobile optimization is the procedure of getting used to website content which will be feasible for mobile devices as well. Moreover, mobile-friendly website content will generally enhance visitors’ browsing experience in the provision of convenience that permits them to stay on the site for a long period, especially those who are all-time in a rush.


17. Showcase Clear Contact Information

By providing clear contact information to an online store is one of the simple ways to improve the conversation rates. Moreover, the simple contact number and address of the physical store will provide the buyer with a sense of security and surety.

Customers will be sure and happy that there is always a person who helps with their queries and concerns. In short, contact information can develop trust with customers.


18. Use Chatbots

Chatbots are software applications that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand human requirements. It is a new way to communicate with customers and enhance business worldwide.

The consumers generally prefer to communicate with the company through chats, the company can satisfy customers using a chatbot as it is the current trend on any kind of messaging platform.

Whenever consumers decide to purchase products, they always require support at any time (24/7), and in those situations, a chatbot can function as a real-time assisting salesperson with automated responses to resolve customers’ queries and provide them with useful guidelines.



19. Provides Filters

By visiting an online store, consumers always tend to be overwhelmed by getting a plethora of options showcased, and they can not hold attention in not only one option. The psychological desire for an extension that permits them to choose and view multiple categories to make the final decision.


20. Optimize Price Sliders

Pricing is one of the important factors that visitors falter to convert. When going through the number of products that are displayed, the visitors tend to bewilder in searching for products with the price that matches their financial status.

Developing a price slider is a perfect solution to save consumer’s time in finding products according to the price.


21. Quick web page Load Time

The loading website in approximately 3 seconds is important for a better user experience. Without a doubt, visitors do not pay attention to the content of a website if it will take more time to load. They generally leave the site and may never come back again.

For optimizing the loading speed, make the website and graphics as much as possible.

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22. Add buyers’ Reviews

Whenever selling an online product the customer reviews are the most important things to convert visitors into buyers.

The buyers include unbiased reviews and comments related to the products. By using those amazing reviews, companies will boost their product sales with ease. Moreover, it also helps to develop the authenticity and credibility of the business.

Tip: Use Product Reviews – Extension For Magento 2 to get awesome navigation functionality in the online store. For more details, refer to the documentation of the extension.

Product Reviews - Magento 2 Extension


23. Ask Customer to share a product page

Nowadays, almost all websites use share button functionality on the website. Moreover, a share button will be an amazing marketing strategy that helps to gain more and more traffic to the website. As well as, create more prospects to make a high conversion rate.

Normally, when a customer completes the payment of a product then they leave the page immediately rather than staying on the same page. Even if they stayed, they still did not share the product if they could not find some benefits out of it.

So, try to put some discounts and coupons for the buyers who share products.


24. Provide the Privacy Policy

In today’s digital era, security is a must in each and every online website. Visitors always find first that is the website secure? if not then they immediately leave the website.

Enhancing website credibility with an official document is every company’s first priority for boosting the conversation rate.

Using the privacy policy, customers feel safe because they actually know what companies do with their personal information. And, getting a privacy policy on the website is a great way to be transparent with customers. It also helps to build a positive customer relationship.


25. Add a blog



Did you know that blog on your website can do wonders to your business? For instance, you have an online store selling women’s outfits. You can add blog posts related to the latest fashion trends and attract more users. Create a blog on your website and keep adding relevant information for the users. Make sure that you keep in mind your target audience while creating blog content.

For example: If your target audience is children aged between 12 and 18, you should know that no teenager would be interested in reading about newborn baby clothes and accessories. You can hire a professional writer for creating interesting and informative blog posts for your Magento store.


Wrap Up

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, you should use the latest tips and tactics to make your business grow. Along with a well-designed and easy to navigate online store, you would need to implement the above-mentioned strategies to convert your visitors into your customers. Adopt the right tactics for your business and you’ll surely get the maximum return on investment for your eCommerce store.

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